Greater West Bloomfield's year-round initiative acknowledging those who exemplify six Universal Community Values...

Will you help create and sustain a warm and welcoming environment across the community? Look for behaviors throughout the community where the following values can be seen in action.
  1. Caring
  2. Fairness
  3. Citizenship
  4. Respect
  5. Responsibility
  6. Trustworthiness

Thank you for participating in The Luft Gangster viewing on February 15, 2017, at West Bloomfield High School presented by MLK365. The turnout was tremendous!

Thanks again,
Deb Macon and Barbara Moretsky

Mail a brief description of your observation along with your contact information
to the address below:

MLK365 Event for African American History Month
Wednesday, February 15, 2017 At 7:00 pm
West Bloomfield High School Auditorium
4925 Orchard Lake Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48323
The Luft Gangster
Honoring 75 years of the Legendary Tuskegee Airmen
A Mike Rott Film
More Details:
Free of Charge - Open to the General Public
Please be advised that there are graphic images in this movie from the World War ll Nazi era.
70 Minute Film - Mike Rott will answer questions following the movie.
West Bloomfield School District
5810 Commerce Road
West Bloomfield, MI 48324

For more information about MLK365, please contact MLKjr365@aol.com.